Privacy policy

Treatment of Personal Date

ARK Outsourcing KK (hereinafter referred to as “ARK”) establishes the control system for protection of personal data reflected by actual business situation and handles personal data of the clients properly and carefully in accordance with the following Basic Policy.

  1. 1. ARK does not gather or use personal data of individuals who get access to this Website without their consent.
  2. 2. Carrying on the business, even if consented by the clients, ARK utilizes their personal date to the extent that is consented.
  3. 3. Personal data shall not be disclosed to the third party or processed through the third party unless it is consented by the clients.

    Nevertheless ARK may disclose personal data without the clients’ consent in the following cases.

    • (1) In case ARK receives a legal reference from such public organizations as the court and the police, etc. in accordance to the laws and regulations.
    • (2) In case the disclosure of personal data is required to protect human life, human health or properties when it is difficult to obtain the clients’ consent.
  4. 4. If ARK asks the outside company to process personal data, such work shall strictly be under ARK’s control.

Security Control Measures

In order to secure the accuracy and security of personal data, ARK carries out the safety measures including information security measures and makes an effort to prevent the loss, damage ,manipulation, leakage and unauthorized outflow of personal data and unauthorized access to personal data.
And when improvement for security measures are required, immediate actions shall be taken.
ARK establishes the personal data rule and the control system based on this policy and makes an effort to review their content for improvement when required.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

ARK complies with the applicable laws and regulations in connection with protection of personal data to accomplish protection of personal data.

Corporate Executive of Personal Data Protection

Personal Data are controlled and managed by the following person
Kazumasa Takizawa, Representative Director of ARK Outsourcing KK