Our Office



  • Individual space is separated by low partitions, which makes it easier to collaborate with team members and feel free to ask for advice from team managers.
  • There is a wide range of mirrored-walls toward the entrance door, where employees can check personal appearance before meeting clients or going out.

Meeting room

  • There are four different types of meeting rooms, each of which is flexibly designed for our business purposes such as internal small-talk or meetings with clients.
  • Video conference system on the wall is used for meetings with clients in Japan and overseas, as well as real-time communications with telecommuters almost every day.

Cafe area

  • Cafe area is a place for employees to socialize over lunch, relaxing, and refreshing.
  • Free drinks are available at coffee/tea vending machines as part of our employee perks.
  • Cafe area can be used for a variety of functions including inner welcome/farewell parties, collaborations between the ARK divisions, as well as meetings with clients or telecommuters via video conference system.

Refreshing space

  • Refreshing space is not only used for refreshing or recharging but also used for teaming up with colleagues.
  • A flexible workspace is offered: employees are free to choose any place to work for the day or for the hour, depending on their workstyles or occasions.