Our Mission

Synchronizing with our clients:

sharing their viewpoints, challenges and joys
We are always by your side.

We live in an era of rapid change, with the demands of companies evolving on an almost daily basis. ARK Outsourcing KK is committed to keeping pace with the needs of its clients, providing solutions that exceed expectations and maximize client satisfaction. We do this by taking the client’s position, viewing issues in the same way, and sharing their challenges and successes. In short, our mission is to help our clients achieve business success through constant and close support.

ARK Outsourcing provides customers operating international businesses with highly professional and bilingual services, including accounting, tax practices, auditing, payroll services, social insurance, human resources consulting, corporate registration, and temporary staffing services. We integrate these services seamlessly and provide them with a speed that would normally be associated with in-house capabilities. In short, we represent a one-stop solution for our clients.

To provide one-stop solutions to the challenges that confront our clients, we believe that it is essential that we offer advisory services together with outsourcing services. To understand their challenges, we need to understand out clients’ businesses and objectives, and view challenges as they do in our daily operations. With this knowledge, we present a range of options, allowing clients to choose the solution that best suits them. Even at the risk of seeming overeager, we will occasionally make suggestions regarding potential risks or business opportunities that go beyond the scope assumed by our clients, provided that such proposals lead to real profits and client satisfaction.

Our business is providing professional services that maximize client satisfaction. In addition to our internal resources, we make use of external resources as required. For us, providing a solution means not only satisfying our clients, but also taking on new challenges - a step we need to take in order to continue to grow.