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Employment Insurance Procedures Require Individual Numbers

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1. Introduction
Individual Numbers (called “My Number” in Japanese) are required to stipulate in submitting some forms related to employment insurance.  The Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare announced that you might be required to resubmit the forms in cases where you do not stipulate or attach Individual Numbers.

2. Employment Insurance Forms requiring Individual Numbers
・The employment insurance forms required to stipulate Individual Numbers include the following:
  ① Notification of Acquisition of the Employment Insurance Qualification (Form No.2)
  ② Notification of Loss of the Employment Insurance Qualification (Form No.4)
  ③ Confirmation Form of Qualification of Continuous Employment Benefits for the Elderly・(First Time) Application for Continuous Employment Benefits for the Elderly (Form No.33-3)
  ④ Confirmation Form of Childcare Leave Benefits Qualification・(First Time) Application for Childcare Leave Benefits (Form No.33-5)
  ⑤ Application for Family-care Leave Benefits (Form No.33-6)

3. Cases where it is difficult to stipulate Individual Numbers at the time of submitting forms
There are cases where you cannot collect and stipulate Individual Numbers in submitting the employment insurance forms due to various reasons such as the way of handling Individual Numbers at your company. In such cases, if you write down on the margin of the forms, “Individual Numbers are to be submitted separately (around MM/DD/YYYY)”, the forms will be accepted. You are allowed to inform Individual Numbers later by using Notification of Registration or Change of Individual Numbers.

4. Conclusion
In this News, we mentioned “Employment Insurance Procedures Require Individual Numbers.”
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Ministry of Health, Labour, & Welfare
Accessed on May 25, 2018